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Our Clients

“I am listening to people more intently and am more thoughtful and aware of their perceptions than ever before. My ability to lead my team effectively has taken a giant step. The future that I am committed to is for each customer and employee of this bank to feel respected, appreciated and valued.”

Ms. Sandra Pierce, President
The Charter One Bank of Michigan

“My association with PMP has been invaluable. We have begun making significant strides to change our culture. We have made more progress at this the last six months than in the previous several years.”

Ken Marblestone, President
The Charter One Bank of Ohio

In my dealings with my associates, I feel reenergized by being freed from past baggage that had negatively affected myself and fellow partners at work.”

Joe Cardillo, President
Field Operations Division
Day & Zimmerman Int.

“We have seen dramatic, quantifiable results in many areas of the business out of our work with PMP. One example is in electronic data where we reduced both the programming and machining error."

Paul Gard, President
D&F Corp.

“The Order Entry Team was initiated out the PMP leadership training/strategic planning workshop. Our team now understands the inputs and outputs for each internal customer as well as the expectations of our new type of external customer. The team now works at resolving problems related to the whole process as they arise, making it much simpler because there is now teamwork and a common goal.”

Charlotte Loudermilk
Mgr Quality Assurance
American Refining Group

“During our work with PMP, and specifically our coaching relationship, we achieved breakthroughs that were truly inspiring. During a one month period, sales increased nearly 50%, due in large measure to the coaching I received. Our management team has learned to work together in ways we believed were possible but doubted we could actually achieve.”

Don Leonard, Director
Sales & Marketing
Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

“Since engaging the services of PMP, we have been successful not only in reaching an agreement on a new labor contract without a work stoppage, but have been able to restablish and reopen the lines of communication between management and the union.”

Brian Fiala
VP Employee Relations
Gerber Plumbing Fixtures Corp.

"PMP has been a critical part of strengthening the leadership skills, respect and mutual trust of our Administration team, as well as an important guide for expanding my ability to quickly recognize and address the priority issues impacting the school community."

Trey Cassidy
Head of School
The Bancroft School

"When I accepted this position in 1996, we brought in PMP and for 10 years was an indispensable advisory partner to me as I built the leadership team and returning the success and vitality of the School to the long standing reputation for excellence in private secondary education for Southeast Michigan."

Dr. Joseph Healy
Head of School
The Liggett School

"PMP has been an integral part of our advisor core since we started this company in 1982. They have consistently been rated by me and the Executive team year after year as meeting our highest standards of performance, impact and value."

Mark McDaniel
Cinnaire Corporation