Application Challenges Taken on by PMP

There are a large number of academics and professionals in this field who have conducted significant and credible research for several decades on the source of EQ in the anatomy of humans, its key elements, skill areas, its impact and even what it looks/sounds like.

However, too little has been developed in designing and delivering the tools that will work in building the specific skills that make up EQ, not the ability to measure results in the work place to points to improved job performance. 

New behavior rarely can be intentionally developed or improved by reading about it. Yes, the  "why" and the "what" can be described but still not impactful without execution.

Much of what we do is learned, patterned behavior from the past, built up and applied over many years. And it works, until it doesn't. That's when new behavior is called for, but if the needed tools are not in out repertoire, we fall back on what we know.

New behavior is only captured through the process of practice by experience, simplified by this formula:

Concept + Skill + Practice = Application = High Impact Learning

One more essential: Empathetic skills can only be taught by those who are EQ Masters.


Triggered by your awareness of the work of Dan Goleman, we at PMP first became intrigued by the potential of this skill area with our clients. Then pleased with the power and success of developing our own EQ technology applications achieving remarkable results with our clients over the last several years.

While measurement of impact on performance for us is still in its development stage, we are greatly encouraged by the evaluations by client managers which continually tell us it is working and ask for more of our efforts with their associates.


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