Building Accountability

In Webster's Dictionary, you will see that the root word in accountability is "account"; that is, "to be held to account for our words and actions". Individually and in  organizations, there is always some basic internal  cultural value deeply held that somewhere on the scale of low to high by individuals. It will only become a high level cultural value if discussed, broght to the forefront, becomes transparent and practiced..

Our experience within organizations of all types and sizes is that, left covert and hidden, personal and teamconnections to being accountable is covert, indirect and often random. Closely tied to the ethical qualities of the CEO, upper management and others, people watch and listen closely to the him/her CEO's actions and words around integrity. If the culture of integrity is weak or unpredictable, most people will not trust or take risks in being vulnerable. Many of us from early childhood learn the dangers of speaking out in an atmosphere of mistrust.

The core commitment to a root value of integrity is based on giving our word, either verbally or in writing to:

Making a promise to perform (act) in a specific way and set a by-when date for completion

Further, cleaning up any broken promises by apologizing and making a new promise that is kept.


"The fundamental core of trusting relationships is contained inside a consistent pattern of keeping our word" (Jon L. Greenawalt)